Monday, April 10, 2017

Modest Monday

We had a great Palm Sunday and the weather was absolutely gorgeous with promises of hot summer days still to come!

It was extremely windy and when my daughter and I went out to take some pics most of them were of us holding down our dresses or lost in blowing hair! 💨😉

 This daughter of mine is just a joy to be with... she has grown from this scrawny little 6 pounder to just about one inch shy of me and wearing my clothes! 😝 Hearing her sing for the Lord and being able to serve with her has always been the deepest desire of my heart and I thank the Lord for music!😍

She challenges and encourages me in many ways every day...I love the above picture as it just seems to capture our relationship...we talk and chatter and laugh and discuss 24/7!

 Don't get me wrong...we have our moments! 😬 in personality she is much like her father...outgoing and happy-go-lucky!
Me...shy, anti-social and not so much happy-go-lucky! 😏

But I guess the Lord knew what I needed!

I love you Margie-girl and I am so very proud of you!

Thanks for letting me sing with you!



  1. You are both beautiful! I love the dresses. I lost my mother last year, and would give anything to go back and make up for all the trouble I gave her. ;) You are blessed to have such a relationship with your daughter. I have a 6 year old daughter whom we placed for adoption at birth. I hope someday to have a good relationship with her like you have. God bless.

  2. Hard to tell your Mother daughter. You look like sisters. Pretty dresses!