Monday, December 11, 2017

Modest Monday!

yeah! there's snow on the ground!!!!

it's beginning to feel like Christmas around here!!

after Christmas...snow can go!!! :)

I've been working on some cozy winter tops that will keep me warm but look cute!

This top with bell sleeves and  gorgeous lace edge around the bottom was from Walmart...sometimes Walmart you surprise me! ;) I paired it with a  pinstripe pencil skirt and my wedge heeled ankle boots for church yesterday!

This tunic with plaid details is from 3Brunettes Boutique....very comfortable, super wintry (is that a word? oh well!) kinda has a Christmas vibe and I love love the plaid cuffs 💞💞

We got our first snow this past week here....I only love snow in December! 😏

quick with the pictures!!! its a bit chilly out here! 😍

there you have it! I blogged on a Monday with outfit pictures!!!
I feel accomplished despite the fact it is only Monday!

Remember both these shirts are A+ in my books!

See you soon!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Trendy Tuesday! ;)

yupper...I'm a day late again!

but I'm hopping on today to share some of my most recent outfits happening at my house! if you are on my Facebook page then you will have already seen sorry! 😏😇

This week is Thanksgiving....I am still totally Canadian here and I am not in Thanksgiving mode but Christmas instead...I mean come on people....Thanksgiving is in the end of November I am dancing around the house to Christmas music and the tree is up and I'm working on that shopping list!!!!😆

We are celebrating Thanksgiving though...LOL and I'm doing a huge spread on Thursday and spending the day with dear friends eating, talking, laughing and probably playing too many games 😛

This was my cozy Sunday outfit....with fleeced lined tights!!💓 the dress was from

I'm loving this cozy top from The Klassygirl Boutique...perfect for cooler weather and so comfortable!

plus did I mention the elbow patches?!!!💕

my typical "mom" uniform....this top is super cute and comfortable though the neck is a little funny also came from and has brown elbow patches!💕

sooo.. what are your plans for Thanksgiving? and are you in Christmas mode? have you got all your shopping done?

See you soon!


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Shopping Guide!! here's the husband declares that I am too hard to shop for!😇😲

colour me surprised!!! I mean really?!!!! I can think of a bajillion things just off the top of my head that I would love🙋

how can that be so hard?!

but seriously this guy...he does not get hints...nahope! I have to take pictures of the exact thing in the exact colour in the exact row at the exact store in the exact town...ya get where I'm going?😏😉😂

I really think I'm quite easy! 😇😇

so I thought maybe y'all have the same trouble and what fun it would be to share some of the things that would catch my eye or some things that I already have (thanks TJ!!!💋) that I absolutely love!

here we go!

I love my instant of my fav things to do is cook up a bunch of chicken and shred it so we have it on hand for sandwiches, wraps, salads, pizza, etc. for lunches....yup! 💕

hmmmmm..I may have gotten lost when I saw this dress and then I was like, oh yeah writing a blog post!😏 I have been wanting the perfect grey dress for wintering around the house...this is it!! 

I didn't include a link because you can find these everywhere...we found some at Meijers last night 😏 heeled ankle boots? took me a while to see...but they can be cute especially with dresses!

been wanting these for my table!💓 I love everything and anything farmhouse style!!

yup...boring...but let me tell you when you don't have enough they are pretty important! 😉

you can't go wrong with good music...whether it's piano books, new songs to sing, good listening's a big hit with me!

and where would I be without some of my favourite products!!💓 give the gift of lashes to yourself or your bestie this Christmas! great stocking stuffers! 😏😉

There you have the top of my head 8+ perfect gift ideas!!

You're welcome! 😇


Monday, November 13, 2017

Modest Monday

Most days find me in a jean skirt and top...not much fashion inspiration going on right now! and not much documentation going on...I need something to catapult me out of this rut but it's a very busy life here right now and I just cannot seem to get back on track!

Sundays though...Sundays pull me through...I love dressing up!

I cannot say enough about these floral dresses....we absolutely love them! We also love the super deals that Neesees runs quite often..the 14.99$ deal! 💓💓

I recently (well it was months ago now ;) got this one to transition into the winter season...I was on the fence about the grey but I really like it!

I've got some more fashion to share coming up so don't go away!


Linking up

Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Free-for-All!

hello blogging world.....

I'm hooking up to my iPhone to get a connection to write a post this morning 😏 it's not much of a connection but it might get me through!

so here we go on a quick crash through the life of the Joneses 👉

currently....we are working through our exams and first set of progress reports. We are juuuust slightly behind where we should be but still in the running so I'll take it! (considering we moved AND took a flying leap trip to Florida!!!)

we were invited down south to sing 

and we spent a few quick moments playing on the beach before heading home!

Before we went to Florida, we enjoyed having a surprise birthday party for our pastor. There were wagon rides and little pony cart rides, volleyball and good food and fellowship!

Bug's wish list item #1 came true...she got to drive a pony and cart...she dreams of  working at the Blue Gate  driving tourists around in the horse and buggies...LOL

part of my farm dreams came true with this little guy..sooo cute! however I did not succeed in taking him home 😟😞 someday I will.......please Lord?🙏

 We celebrated a couple birthdays in October....Bug turned 10 and our oldest turned 18!

Margie spent her 18th birthday singing her heart out for the Lord in Florida! and we just got her celebrated yesterday 😱 I's horrible but it has been one thing after another here besides the fact that she works pretty much everyday and gone for am I supposed to figure that one out?!! 😇 (that's what I'm going with here!) she requested meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn and to make up for the lateness of the celebrations we got her a DQ birthday cake! 😋 (best mom award!) 😏

I can't believe she's 18, driving, working and graduating this year...with money to buy her own car burning in her account!

Stay tuned for Modest Monday! (yup I'm writing it today!!!)

Have a great weekend!


Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Fashion!'s Friday and I'm here with the fashion post I promised....gotta keep those promises!😉

I gonna be honest husband bought me this dress last year for the military banquet and I wasn't able to go (cue the violins please!) so it has hung so sad and forlorn in my closet till this past weekend 👏

 I love love this dress and I highly recommend Dainty Jewels....the quality and fit are perfection!😘
 We had so much fun attending this event's also GREAT having a good reason to wear fancy dresses! 

Sunday was another important day here at the Academy so I thought it would be great fun to wear this stripe dress with a military vibe (at least I thought so!😜) came from Mikarose several years ago so I am not sure if you could find it anywhere now. 😕

 We love to see our girls bringing glory to God in beautiful dresses! 

and that's another round of the fashion happening at my house!🙌🙌

see you next week!!


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

oh my! my life just seems to hop from one major thing to another...😮

I have been MIA lately because we......wait for it......

MOVED!!!!!!!  again!

across the street. LOL

 This dear child of mine has struggled and fought with asthma for the last year...she has been so sick and pretty much in a constant state of attack. We have tried so many different things till we had exhausted all resources and more...we knew that the house was her problem. We were offered the house across the street (and for those of you wondering housing is part of my husband's job here) and so our olders camped out to test run it (ain't anybody got time to move for nothing! ;)

The verdict came back in all without wasting anymore time..we moved! We are still in the process and our place is topsy turvy but we are here...she is breathing...and all is well in God's world!

 These lovely ladies all need glasses....two of them had glasses before and we were mending and repairing them for the last year and a half 😏😏 the other we knew needed glasses eventually so here we go! 3 with and 3 without! 😍 they are so cute!

I wanted to check out the Fall Crafter's Fair in Shipshe this last week...we found some very cute but a little smelly friends there! how cute! (I want one!!!)

 We have gotten some rainy days here and with the move we have lost track of a few essential items like jackets or sweaters or boots or shoes for that matter, apparently! 😏💦💦 never fear!!! garbage bags are the latest in rain fashion!!

Thanks for checking back in today and visiting with us!

Fashion Friday coming right up!