Monday, August 14, 2017

Modest Monday

Another beautiful week...another week closer to school 😃

Some of us are excited and some of us...not so much! 😉

I have 2 girls in their very last year of school...I cannot believe it!  😱 It's very bittersweet..another stage of life closing...will I be able to navigate this?! I am excited for the future!

I love simple Sunday mornings....and I love these floral dresses! They are every where this year but I guess there is good reason for that!

 These long cardigans are perfect from and I kinda want to get more colours! 😂

Yesterday my husband was called to fill a pulpit and so we were blessed to minister at a church about an hour away...let me tell you it is a great honour to serve the Lord!

I hope to return soon with a school update, an ordination review and my new business venture!

Hope to see you here!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday What's Up

Hello Morning!

coffee is on...puppies are up, out, fed, watered, out again and asleep 😍

as is Peter.....the turtle...well, minus the asleep part!

I'm hopping on to try to catch y'all up (that's assuming you care LOL but hey at least it gets all the words out of my head!)

We arrived back from Canada on Friday and I have been trying to catch up in sleep ever since...I think for this poor nighttime sleeper it is finally happening 😴

Plenty of practice went on over the past 3 weeks....we stayed at the church below and thoroughly enjoyed it!

We helped hand out invitations

 We were privileged to sing in this gorgeous church Sunday morning!

Met up with old acquaintances...

met some new friends!

helped in the kitchen

went to the zoo!

waited backstage!

sang onstage!

It was a good time serving the Lord...not without problems but we learned a lot and would not trade this time for anything else!


Monday, August 7, 2017

Modest Monday

hello again from Indiana....and home!!

We had a great time serving the Lord in Saskatchewan (met some great new friends and met up with some great old friends! HI!!!) 😉 but it is good to be back!🙌

We are resting and relaxing and getting ourselves ready to start another round of school 😶

I wore one of my favourite dresses from Mikarose yesterday....I got it several  years ago so it may or may not be available still.

Shoes~ Payless

Long sweater is a first for me...I ordered it from Groopdealz on a great sale and I think I like them!

Have an exciting new venture coming least I hope it to be exciting!😉

Stay Tuned!!


Monday, July 3, 2017

Modest Monday: A Dress Review!

exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!

it's been so long since I have been able to write a post...goodness guys! I had a bit of unexpected time of (read 8 weeks) where I was stuck in Canada waiting and waiting and waiting for my final paperwork to get processed...such a long and eventful story that I will share later.

For now... I was contacted shortly after I arrived home by Liz from Cleo Madison about doing a review for them. I was very excited and of course I said "yes!"  😊

I have never ordered from them before so I was curious to check them out. One more modest dress company?! YES PLEASE!!!

Liz sent me several options to choose from...the Gemma Floral Pocket Dress was a dress I had seen online and it caught my eye every time but yet I never could commit. When this dress showed up as an option I knew I just had to try it! 😀

You can do so many things with these dresses....I decided to try it with a white jean vest and it is definitely an outfit I would choose again.

The material is so soft and comfortable but I would say that the sizing runs small....I ordered a medium and could easily have worn a large for a more relaxed fit. I am a bit long-waisted and I like my dresses to be a little roomier than this one ended up being for me.

I would wear this dress with my converse sneakers or with heels...a sweet wedged sandal would look super cute also!😍

 I fell in love after I put it on for the first time! I was a little hesitant and could not commit I think because of the colour and floral pattern...but just let me assure you, it is gorgeous!

As you can see it fits me very well...I would definitely size up on this one ladies! but otherwise you will not be disappointed. My girls will love to steal this one from my closet! 😉

I kept the styling simple but if I had a long pink/blush cardigan I would love pairing that with it also...and don't forget this dress has pockets which is always handy for me for carrying my chapstick everywhere I go 😉

This dress was a hit with me and my girls!

Thank-you Liz and Cleo Madison for the opportunity to review one of your gorgeous pieces and ladies...go check them out...they have some pretty cute stuff!! 😍

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Modest Monday Tuesday Edition!

if you don't get your post published on Monday you can always do it on Tuesday...right?! 😏

we had a lovely Easter weekend...the weather was gorgeous and we had some great fellowship times!

dress~Neesees Dresses

blue stripe dress~Neesees Dresses
pink swing dress~Neesees Dresses
white lace top dress~Mikarose

twin coral stripe dresses~Groopdealz (Journey Five Fashion)
middle coral striped dress~ Mikarose

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!


Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Fashion Finds

 Some things that caught my eye this week and another round of questions! 👀

#1. Anywhere in the world?  I guess my dream vacation would be touring castles in England...then hopping over to mainland Europe to visit every historic site that I could find 😏

How about this super fun dress for July 4th? it comes in 3 different options!

#2. Favourite subject in school? mmmmmm History (no surprise there!) and French 💕

#3. Pepsi or Coke? (why is this such an important question is my question!?) Pepsi!!!

love these super fun t-shirts!

#4. Who inspires you the most? Elisabeth Elliot 😍 she challenges me....she encourages me....she inspires me! I essentially want to be her when I grow up! 😉

#5. Least favourite household chore? (all of them!? 😉😏) sorting dirty laundry...ewwwwwa!

#6. First kiss? a dare...on the sliding hill behind our school....I was 7...he was 8...I married him. 😘

I love these shoes...I believe Neesees Dresses sells them...not sure I could pull them off but they look super fun!

#7. Beach, city, country? I am a country girl through and through....give me a big old house, a huge garden, some chickens and baby goats, 6 dogs, a fat little pony and cart, a couple of horses and lots of flower gardens!!! but a beach would be my vacation plan! 😉

#8. Song I could listen to nonstop? well currently there are two (but since I love music it changes up quite a bit 😏)  "My Hope is Jesus" and "In God We Trust"....tomorrow it could change! 💕

#9. Like your mom or dad? mmmmmmm I don't really see my mom and I as sharing too many similarities as she likes bright colours and wanted a girly girl ( I most definitely was NOT! and only would wear navy blue 😂)physically we both have dark hair and we may share a few character qualities (thanks mom! 😁😉😂)....and I don't really know my dad as I met him only once 😜

was able to order these for my 2 youngest for Easter! 💕

#10.  Morning person or night person? Night owl!!!! if mornings did not start until 10 I would be a morning person 😏

phew! if you made it to here CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

see you next week!


Monday, April 10, 2017

Modest Monday

We had a great Palm Sunday and the weather was absolutely gorgeous with promises of hot summer days still to come!

It was extremely windy and when my daughter and I went out to take some pics most of them were of us holding down our dresses or lost in blowing hair! 💨😉

 This daughter of mine is just a joy to be with... she has grown from this scrawny little 6 pounder to just about one inch shy of me and wearing my clothes! 😝 Hearing her sing for the Lord and being able to serve with her has always been the deepest desire of my heart and I thank the Lord for music!😍

She challenges and encourages me in many ways every day...I love the above picture as it just seems to capture our relationship...we talk and chatter and laugh and discuss 24/7!

 Don't get me wrong...we have our moments! 😬 in personality she is much like her father...outgoing and happy-go-lucky!
Me...shy, anti-social and not so much happy-go-lucky! 😏

But I guess the Lord knew what I needed!

I love you Margie-girl and I am so very proud of you!

Thanks for letting me sing with you!